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Sun Apr 2 18:23:47 MDT 2006

Fred's post is worth considering. It a reasonable assesement. While Chavez,
Kirshner, Lula, Morales all have histories one can debate, this guy is really
unknown outside Peru until recently. I know squat about him or his movement.
(This is where someone like Nestor could help). I noticed on some of the
spanish lang. boards others were having the same problem. I'll have to wade
through the humongo document JB suggested. I've only read of him and his
current filtered throught the lenses of the bourgeois media and some Spanish
language press sites.

On Fred's point about Chavez...this is true. It was durng the run up and
convocation of the Venezuelan Constituant Assembly. I mark this proposal as the
single most important error Chavez has made. There was a tremendous amount of
criticism the proposed Consitutional article that would of made the unions, not
just 'reorganized' but basically an appendage of the State. As Fred pointed out,
cooler heads (meaning those in the Chavista movement that later became the
leadership of the UNT) prevailed and Chavez did drop it. It was also going to
loose in the CA if it had come to a vote. What he did get was a more
interesting law that mandated democratic elections in all unions in Venezuela 
for their leaderships. It is how many of the unions that constituted the
pro-Revolutionary UNT were able to sieze control of their own unions. It still
is a kind of outside interference in the unions but one with less harmfull,
"institutional" results, obviously. It still had a negative political impact
(the original proposal) which allowed sectors of the CTV to start criticizing
Chavez who would otherwise have been allies.

Interestingly, while the unions that constitute the UNT are democratic, the UNT
itself has YET to hold a congress to elect it's leadership, the current
leadership being *provisional*. This is, of course, a major problem, and part
of the complaint to the ILO by the US and the reactionary CTV against the UNT
is that it is "not democratic, they've never elected their own leaderhsip,
unlike the CTV, which has...".

Part of the reason for this is that *because* of the democratic discussions that
do take place among UNTers, the UNT is extremely fractious, with various
currents seeking to influence the direction of the UNT. However, finally, in
about 6 weeks, the very first UNT Congress will take place!


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