[Marxism] Explanation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 2 19:08:24 MDT 2006

I received a communication meant for the list from Joaquin that tells me 
that he did not understand why he was being put on moderation. I feel I owe 
him and the list an explanation.

He was put on moderation because of the crack about "white leftists". A 
couple of years ago a guy named Xenon (I think) routinely characterized 
people who did not share his evaluation of the Chinese Communist Party as 
"white chauvinists" living in imperialst countries, etc. He learned to 
argue in this fashion from some offshoot of the New Communist Movement, 
which one I can't really remember.  This kind of charge helped to destroy 
the Maoist movement. There is no sense in permitting it to erode this list. 
Xenon either unsubbed himself or was dropped--I can't remember. He is back 
now, but does not post.

When you make such charges, you are reverting back to the sort of demagogy 
that was widely used in the CPUSA and that was meant to hammer people into 
ideological compliance. It is extremely destructive for the kind of 
movement we are trying to build to characterize those who we are 
disagreement with as "bending to white chauvinism" or male chauvinism or 

I don't care if that's what you believe privately, but we cannot have it on 
a mailing list where there are such sharp disagreements. I can't imagine 
Joaquin using such characterizations at a Solidarity convention so why 
should  he use it here? We never would tolerate somebody in the Trotskyist 
movement resorting to this sort of attack either. There were lots of 
anti-democratic aspects to the SWP, but it was relatively free of such 
behavior. Even when there was obvious bias at play during the discussions 
about gay liberation, comrades did not get up at a convention and say that 
so-and-so opposed working in the gay movement because they were 
heterosexist bigots.

Frankly, I should have stepped in during the last round of debates on 
Morales when Joaquin started doing this. Things slipped out of my hands. I 
am determined not to allow this to happen again.

The rest of Joaquin's message had to do with defending himself against 
David's accusations--as he saw it. Since they are too much of the character 
of the kind of self-vindication that has been on display to such an extreme 
degree in these debates, I have decided to not pass them on to the list.

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