[Marxism] Re: [PEN-L] All-out assault on UAW

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Sun Apr 2 20:41:21 MDT 2006

On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 09:12 -0800, michael perelman wrote:
> Why is it that it is so much more difficult for workers to see 
> themselves as a class than for immigrants to identify with each other?  

The system allows migrants no illusions about their status. White
workers, who can vote, bargain collectively and even picket and protest
without fear of arrest, exist therefore in a  carefully constructed box,
one that gives the forms of political power without the content.

As long as the better off layers of the working class can keep their
heads above water, they don't feel the need to test the system, which
means their illusions of power  continue to perpetuate complacency.

At the same time, the web of labor laws, as in the case of the transit
workers, lie in wait to entrap workers who actually try to fight.

Eventually this will create a radicalization. In the meantime, such laws
on the books serve as an extra dose of intimidation which discourages

I have first hand experience of this in the rail industry, saddled as we
are with the Railway Labor Act.

Jon Flanders

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