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you're an idiot.


 Peruvian Agrarian Reform  Velasco

Idiot.  slime that has undermined reason

And after that, please stop opining about a part of the world you don't know 
shit about.

Paul Harper Dillon

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> This-- " It really isn't too important whether this "guy" has a
> solution.  What is  important is the indication that Peru (last country
> to gain Independence  from Spain in the 19th century) is showing a
> rejection of the neo-liberalism  and trending in the leftward
> movement.." -- is exactly what is wrong, or more than wrong, absolutely
> suicidal about "national salvationist"  leftism.
> Velasco?  We are talking about Jose Maria Velasco of Ecuador?  That
> Velasco?   Of emptying the national treasury after every commodity price
> cycle upswing had put a little bit more than a pittance into the govt.
> coffers?
> The "national personification"  Velasco who after coming to power as
> president, for a third time,  through the CPF in 1952 then turned and
> arrested and deported its left wing elements (something he had done
> previously, dismissing the constitutent assembly in 1945, replacing it
> with a right wing assembly more to his liking); seeking and obtaining
> support from the Conservatives, the Social Christians, and the ultra
> anti-communist ARNE?  That Velasco?
> The Velasco who was overthrown in 1964, after occupying the presidency
> for a fourth time?  And it was only after that overthrow that a law was
> enacted outlawing the huaspingo system.  A reform that, as all land
> reforms in the Ecuador have before and since, failed.
> That Velasco?  Or are we talking about a different Velasco, with
> different reforms?  The reforms that lead to general depopulation of the
> land, migration to the cities unable to supply basic services and the
> establishment of the suburbio squatter settlements?
> "Trending"  "leftward movement"  "Bolivarian Dream,"  all these sound
> nice but there really needs to be a social content, a class program.
> Despite the supposed leftward sounding programs of Kirchner and Lula,
> the economic reality of those regimes have been rightward-- terms of
> trade worsening, less continental integration of their economies,
> declining living standards.
> If and when the price of oil breaks, Venezuela will face the cold
> economic necessities that require just that-- those class solutions as
> its Bolivarian Dream is revealed, as Bolivar's own dream was, as
> incapable of remedying the source of poverty and oppression.
> Flag in the wind, huh?  Well sometimes you do need a weatherman to know
> which way the wind is blowing.
> rr
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