[Marxism] Re: Ollanta Humala

Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Sun Apr 2 21:38:03 MDT 2006

I tend to agree with Paul Dillon on the larger point that Humala is a 
"flag in the wind" and the wind is what matters.

Peru, however, has seen those airs breeze through before and leave 
things much the same.  Alan Garcia, recall, was elected on a platform of 
  what we today would call anti-neoliberalism: limiting debt payments, 
continental solidarity against the IMF and worldbank, he even tried to 
nationalize the finance industry.   All to no effect.

The difference, of course, is that beack then, while they liked the 
standing up to the IMF and WB, the rest of Latin America said "you 
first" and when he took his moderate step up, there was nothing but 
behind him.   Today, there are Chavez, Lula, Morales, and Fidel out 
there, so maybe things could go differently.

One thing is for sure, Peruvians by and large are sick and tired of the 
neoliberal agenda, of having EVERYTHING privatized, and they are sick of 
corruption, cronyism and empty promises.   I heard it and sensed it 
everywhere when I was last there in August and then again in November.

Humala's rapid rise in the polls reflects that as well.

I worry about Peru under an Humalista government, though.  His past 
rhetoric and the historic program espoused by his family are filled with 
extreme nationalism, racism, and a frightening chilenophobia.  He says 
that he has distanced himself from his family, and especially his 
father's views, but I wonder.

- Juan

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