[Marxism] Leonardo Padura interview

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Apr 3 10:22:46 MDT 2006

Not Your Usual Suspects: Leonardo Padura Talks to PA
By Political Affairs

Editor's Note: Leonardo Padura Fuentes is the internationally acclaimed
author of several novels including the "Havana Quartet", a series of
detective novels featuring Havana police Inspector Mario Conde. The latest
installment, available in English, in that series is Havana Red. Havana Red
was awarded the Dashiell Hammett prize for detective fiction in Spain in
2004. Adios Hemingway, the next Mario Conde mystery, is due out this month.
Padura lives in Havana, Cuba.

PA: Do you favor the detective/crime fiction genre? If so, why?

LP: I remember that back in 1977, when I wrote the first book review that I
had published in a magazine, it was a commentary on a crime novel. Since
that time, when I was a liberal arts student at the University of Havana and
wasn't even dreaming of being a fiction writer, I was already very close to
the crime novel, dark, detectivesque, or whatever you want to call it, but
at the same time I was developing my preferences for the approaches of 
authors such as Hammett and Chandler. ...

PA: Havana Red addresses the very sensitive issue of gay and lesbian and
transgendered rights in Cuba. How would you describe attitudes on this
subject in Cuba today? Based on your travels and knowledge of other
countries, how do attitudes in Cuba compare to international sentiments on 
this matter?

LP: Fortunately, in today's Cuba the problem of homosexuality has stopped
being a social "illness" and has remained only as a problem of a family 
nature, being that the Cuban family, by tradition, is very machista and
homosexuality has always been badly regarded. But even so, many families
accept it as something normal, even though it's not exactly celebrated. Gays
and lesbians always had full civil rights in Cuba....


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