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dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Mon Apr 3 13:58:02 MDT 2006

This is all unfortunate. I should of not posted, really, anything in response to
Joaquin's charges against rubenelli. For this I apologize to the list. Calling
anyone a "liar" without at least backing up what I stated is at best bad form
and rude, at worse, something that inflames the discussion (obviously).
Additionally, my charges against Joaquin stem from *previous* posts he made,
not the ones between him and RR. At THAT time I let what I considered to be
Joaquin's gross distortion of the facts surrounding the COB expulsion of Evo
Morales pass without comment percisely because it would inflame further the
increasinly hot temperature surrounding the debate in general around Bolivia
and Evo Morales political and union history, specially.

Joaquin did not "lie". I think he was grossly wrong, ignorant even, at worse, a
rediculous and a-historical distortion of how the COB functions. But he did not
lie. I've always prided myself on responding politically and not personally. In
this I failed.

That said, a general obsevation. Race baiting, even the relatively mild,
'reactive' form engaged in by Joaquin and others from time-to-time, simply
cannot stand as a method of polemical response to those one disagrees with. It
*immediatly* ends any serious discussion. It means *not* looking at objective
facts (or debating the accuracy of those facts and staments) but rather who is
uttering the facts. This is not Marxism. The point of this list, and, I've
obvserved from other online discussions, is to debate with the *assumption* of
a fair and equal debate based on politcial reality and not someone's national
heritage. The other problems is that raising someones ethnic background as a
conideration for debasing their *politics* is a method that leads to
undervaluing the real issue of racism and racist politcs in the world. If
non-Latino's (for one example) can't comment on issues facing Latin America or
have to difer to those that are Latino on issues in...Bolivia, we won't ever
have a discussion.

At the end of the day, Marxmail is *informal* and *centrifugal*. One thread
leads to another, no one has to respond or even read all that is written. As
such it is a few degrees more serious than an old-fashioned salon but a lot
less serious than, say, a party discussion or a united front meeting with
actions are the result of the discussion. In otherwords, we have to lighten up
a bit and see this as a positve experience we can all learn from as opposed to
trying to teach one's opponent a lesson.



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