[Marxism] Joe Hansen on Cuba - Volunteer needed - tedious task, important result

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 3 14:08:16 MDT 2006

>We can use that one if it isn't up already. Andy Pollack had been transcribing
>Hansen for the MIA for the last year. Hopefully he will take up your offer.
>However, transcribing for tape is VERY difficult for those accoustomed to
>OCRing text. We will await Andy's response. If not, we can take what you do
>have. Most of these pre-1970 tapes are not publication-copyrighted we can use
>them. Additionally, if someone wants to digitize the actual talk into 
>audio, we can put that on the MIA as well!

Why not just convert them into mp3's? For that matter, MIA seems rather 
threadbare when it comes to non-textual material. I would like to see a 
gallery of Marxist art, an archive of revolutionary songs, etc.



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