[Marxism] French not fans of the capitalist system

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Mon Apr 3 16:49:03 MDT 2006

> The poll of 20,791 individuals was conducted by the 
> international polling firm GlobeScan and analyzed in conjunction with the

> Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) of the University of
> Maryland.
> Ironically, the country that showed the highest level of support for the 
> free enterprise system was China, with 74% agreeing that it is the best 
> system. Others that were nearly as enthusiastic were the Philippines
> the US (71%), and India (70%).

This section is complete bullshit. Let's take India. The philistines who
wrote this vulgar crap omitted a few important facts. Take the poll itself.
Did the pollsters themselves travel to places like the rural countryside,
where untold numbers of farmers are having their livelihoods wiped out as a
result of drying up of creadit and zero subsidies? No. Did they go into the
sweatshops (), and ask the children working 20 hour days, 7 days a week if
they liked the free market? No. Did they go to areas around the Narmada
Valley, where villagers are displaced by the large private dams? No. So how
did these cretins conduct the poll? By phone. 
   Many large swaths of rural India are without power. If you add in the
number of landless poor, those dispolaced by World Dams, sweatshop workers
(), and the urban poor, you'll find that a good number of these Indian
can't afford phone connections. So who did the good folks at PIPA and
Globescan interview? That's right the Indians who can afford the costs of
phone connections. The upper classes, the tiny elite who benefit from the
free market. 
    Ditto for China and the Phillipines. 
    What this demonstrates is that the people at PIPA and Globescan, as
well as the charlatans who wrote this article have an underlying, but very
clear contempt for the large majority of Filipinos, Chinese, and Indians
who have been impoverished by the market policies. To them, these large
portions of humanity either simply don't exist, don't count, or maybe
they're just subhuman. 

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