[Marxism] re: Explanation

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Mon Apr 3 20:47:51 MDT 2006

At 09:08 PM 4/2/2006, Louis Proyect wrote
>I received a communication meant for the list from Joaquin that tells me
>that he did not understand why he was being put on moderation. I feel I owe
>him and the list an explanation.
>He was put on moderation because of the crack about "white leftists". A
>couple of years ago a guy named Xenon (I think) routinely characterized
>people who did not share his evaluation of the Chinese Communist Party as
>"white chauvinists" living in imperialst countries, etc. He learned to
>argue in this fashion from some offshoot of the New Communist Movement,
>which one I can't really remember.  This kind of charge helped to destroy
>the Maoist movement. There is no sense in permitting it to erode this list.
>Xenon either unsubbed himself or was dropped--I can't remember. He is back
>now, but does not post.

i only peruse the archives every few days, sometimes only weekly, as 
despite any of my disagreements with the moderator, the list remains 
a valuable resource.

lo and behold, this week louis decides to invoke my name to somehow 
illustrate his point.  why he chooses to single me out instead of the 
much more prominent and substantial participant of the discussion at 
the time, melvin p (aka waistline2), i can only speculate.

as to whether i "routinely" characterized people critical of the CCP 
as "white chauvinists", comrades can decide for themselves.  the 
debate in question occurred primarily during the week of june 14, 
2004 http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/marxism/2004w24/date.htm

for clarification, yes, near the end of this little "spat" on china 
and white chauvinism, i asked to be unsubscribed.  after a day or 
two, i asked requested to re-join but was denied by louis himself.

in any case, louis' now suddenly-revived (mis-)characterization of me 
as some sort of CCP acolyte is unfair and borderline 
slanderous.  yes, i have stated several times my agreements (in whole 
or in part) with henry c.k. liu's assessment of the PRC and CCP, but 
by no means do i tow mr. liu's line in lockstep.  again, why louis 
chooses to use insignificant ol' ME as his point of argument, instead 
of the more eminent and well-spoken figure of henry liu, i can only speculate.


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