[Marxism] Re: Explanation

Steffie Brooks steffie.brooks at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 21:06:44 MDT 2006

I didn't follow the Humala thread so it came as something out of the
blue when you put Joaquin on moderation.

Is this the "crack" about "white leftists" for which you punished him?

"Of course, of course, of course -- the New York Times is going to offer its
stereotypical picture of a leftist demagogue: coup plotter with dubious
associates (family in this case) with lots of rhetoric and no program.

And it never fails to sucker in some of the white leftists in imperialist
countries, like our comrade Brian here.

So let's see if we can dispel some of the lies from the New York Times."

If so, I object to your action, Louis.

It sounds to me that you are punishing Joaquin for putting "white"
before the phrase "leftists in imperialist countries." IOW if he had
omitted the word "white" you wouldn't have objected.

But yes there really are "white leftists," as we all know. Does
marxmail have a prohibition against referring to race or color when
obviously race and color are critical issues to the Left and the whole
society? Are we prohibited from saying "male leftists" too?

I don't think referring to "white leftists" is race-baiting. What if
he had said "white leftists played a stellar role in turning out
supporters for the immigrant rights demonstration." Would that be


On 4/2/06, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> I received a communication meant for the list from Joaquin that tells me
> that he did not understand why he was being put on moderation. I feel I owe
> him and the list an explanation.
> He was put on moderation because of the crack about "white leftists".

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