[Marxism] FW: A Constant Suck Ass to Louis's Pee

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Tue Apr 4 06:30:01 MDT 2006

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Subject: A Constant Suck Ass to Louis's Pee
Answer to you, Mark.  No .  I did not "pimp" for Jack for years.   You
have me mistaken for your guru, whose ass you suck up to, Louis Proyect.
I was in from '68 to '74.   I rejected the turn to workerism that you
and Louis supported.   I thought then, as now, that opposing the war
machine should be the central priority of all Leftists.   Even today,
neither you, Louis P, nor all the other Cyber-Trotskyist leftover
minions believe that to be the case.   But more importantly than just
that, is that I think that the SWP trained you and multitudes of others
into the being suckasses to the leader methodology not far different
than Stalinism itself.   With that as a foundation, there is not much to
give us a hope that neo-Trotskyism will ever play a positive role in
reconstructing an anti-capitalist movement.

But all that aside, you personally exibit the worst traits for what sunk
the SWP into eternal oblivion.   You couldn't be a worse example of a
Leftist if you were a cop.   And personally, I think that cops often
take the road of acting as the biggest suckass ninnies around.   Pretty
sad, when you as a supposed marxist, become undiffentiated to other
marxists from how a police infiltrater would act.   But that is my
honest opinion about you, and I believe that you act like that, even if
in fact you were not to turn out to be a government agent, but just a
thick headed suckass authoritarian type..   What acharmer you are to be
Lou's rubber stamp about everything.   You win the Barry Sheppard award.


Yeah, I depend so much on what people think about me.


Btw, you were the pimping for Jack Barnes for years, weren't you?.


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You have to be the all time suck ass, Mark.   You couldn't be more of a
turnoff to being a marxist if you were a government creep.  Are you?
Congratulations.  You merit a Jack Barnes Cerificate For Best Suck Ass
to the Great Leader Whoever /////    Tony Abdo

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