[Marxism] FW: A Constant Suck Ass to Louis's Pee

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Apr 4 06:53:23 MDT 2006

I'm not going to quote this.

But what is the problem here?

Here is the court. It has lines. You stay within them. You only get 5  
seconds in the paint. No flagrant pushing and shoving and especially  
no punches.

And stay out of the stands, no matter what anyone says from them.

You can call it a sandbox, if you like; but don't kick sand in  
anyone's eyes--at least not intentionally.

And if you do it a lot, even though you claim it is an accident, it  
might appear to have been intentional and you'll be required to take  
some quiet time.


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