[Marxism] Behind the unsubbing and self-unsubbing

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Apr 4 08:48:35 MDT 2006

“This truly national nation”
The Balcony, Jean Genet

I don’t like to write behind someone’s back. But in this case, where  
Joaquin has withdrawn from two lists, after being suspended from one,  
there is no point to self-censorship.

Obscured behind the suspensions and self-suspension is what Joaquin  
posted shortly before he was suspended.

> “I guess that makes it official, another season of Indian-bashing  
> on the Marxism list, denouncing those stupid Latin Americans trying  
> to rid themselves of imperialist domination by uniting instead of  
> waging the class war against each other.”

There are a lot of things discussed on Marxmail: history and pre- 
history, music and poetry, even sports, life styles, and from time to  
time personal relationships. But the core has to be the class  
struggle--recent, contemporary, and projected.

One who prefers unity across classes and objects to those who project  
a political program of struggle of class against class (“class war”)  
is sooner or later bound to want out, despite protestations and  
private e-mails to the contrary.

Behind the extreme rant that he throws up against me and others is  
the reality that since Joaquin is against the whole project, he can  
no longer discuss what revolutionists should do. He gives new life to  
the old lawyer’s joke that if you can’t pound in the law and the  
facts, you have to pound the table.

He doesn’t just attack those unfortunates whose skin is white or who  
live in North America, he also attacks the Latin American union  
leaders who themselves are struggling class against class. Joaquin’s  
nation is all the people together. This is even below the concepts of  
social democrats and old-line communists, who at least spoke of class  
struggle while misleading it. However, Joaquin openly declares  
himself against “waging the class war against each other.”

That this means one unites under the common denominator of the ruling  
classes is obvious, for anything else would be “waging the class  
war.” Joaquin calls for uniting nation with nation and the native  
ruling class with its own peasants and workers. Strip away all this  
rhetoric, the breast-beating and Ollanta's canters on horseback, and  
you have nothing except the promise of getting together.

Along with an admission that “I don’t know much about Ollanta and his  
history, how serious he is about his program, who his friends,  
advisers and associates are,” Joaquin had “a link to an 84-page PDF  
containing a detailed program on everything from Health Care for All  
to making sure that Peruvian consulates abroad truly represent and  
defend their countrymen.”

 From this he extracts just one thing. And that thing is the absence  
of a thing. It is the promise that a particular plank of imperialism  
will not be put in place. “Here’s one plank Forero [the NYTimes  
writer of the article that prompted all this] forgot: helping the  
White House save money. If Ollanta wins Bush can use the Free Trade  
Agreement he recently had his sock puppet Toledo sign as toilet paper.”

In other words, Ollanta promises that something that is proposed for  
the future will not take place.  Logically, the result of that is  
that we will continue to have what we have now. But lets move on, for  
logic is not what Joaquin is interested in.

How many months or years can the middle-class misleaders suck on  
this? First we talk about it, then we have meetings on it, then  
rallies, new elections saying that it will never happen, then new  
elections that point out that under us it never happened. That it may  
happen under another guise or that the masses may get exhausted from  
the whole charade is overlooked.

Taxes can be raised on imperialist profits while being lowered for  
the national capitalist class, or declarations can be made about how  
all the land of the nation is not for sale, perhaps even nationalized  
(we will never know the secret agreements). Next there will be deals  
with China and Cuba. There is a lot of room here.

Here is Joaquin’s thesis in a direct form. If I violate its  
integrity, someone will object:

> Latin Americans can rid themselves of imperialist domination by  
> uniting instead of waging class war against each other.

The people of Latin America will not be able to get together and rid  
themselves of imperialist domination, which is inextricably tied in  
with the domination of the national bourgeoisie, unless the urban and  
rural masses of each nation overthrow its own government and  
establish a workers state. The task of socialist revolutionists is to  
use their best effort, based on their understanding of the particular  
social and political structure and tradition of each country, to help  
accomplish this goal.

Brian Shannon


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