[Marxism] Re: FW: (That Obscene Crackback)

Anthony J. Kennerson anthonyk_6319 at charter.net
Tue Apr 4 12:16:50 MDT 2006

 (Subject line edited out of respect for the rules of this list and for
Louis Proyect's able leadership)


I may only be a lurker here, and I may not know that much about the
controversy between the SWP and other supposed Marxist sects...but I was
always taught to respect other people's rights to their opinions, and never
stoop to gutter-grade personal attacks.


Personally, the perpetrator of that crackback deserves much more than a
temporary timeout...in my personal opinion, he deserves to get his behind
booted permanently from this list for that obscenity.  


But, since this is Louis' and Brian's list, I will cede to their rulings.


Otherwise, a job well done on an magnificant list.






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