[Marxism] Communist capitalism

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Tue Apr 4 19:26:00 MDT 2006


"Probably there were people who thought that the NEP meant the end of
revolutionary government in the Soviet Union."


>And they were right. Lenin said the country was state capitalist with
bureaucratic deformations. He also said the revolution was doomed
without upheavals in Western Europe. Soon after, he was dead, the 
German revolution failed, Stalin killed off 99% of the members of the 
original Bolshevik leadership within a few year<.

Sloppy logic Junaid. I didn't have you pegged as a state cap 
inevitablist. You must be hanging with the ISO too much (nice 
comrades as they appear to be when they visit Oz). The only way to 
have a revolutionary government and a workers state in an 
underdeveloped country under imperialist encirclement is for a period 
at least of "state capitalism" (i.e. the real meaning of this term. 
i.e. strongly state directed capitalism, i.e. not Tony Cliff's 
theoretical construction), as per the Bolsheviks program on gaining 
power. Was this program wrong and the (enforced) War Communism the 
really truly revolutionary thing? How did the NEP cause the failure 
of the German revolution, Lenin's death, and Trotsky's error in not 
fighting Stalin immediately, factors which allowed the (inevitable) 
"bureaucratic deformations" to move from a tendency to a ruling 
force? Didn't Stalin's terror coincide with the bureaucratic 
suppression of market relations? Were the Cuban and Vietnamese 
governments revolutionary before they freed up local markets and 
allowed foreign enterprise (both under Lenin-type strong state 
control), and counter-revolutionary the minute after they decided 

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