[Marxism] French not fans of the capitalist system

wrobert at uci.edu wrobert at uci.edu
Tue Apr 4 19:54:02 MDT 2006

Walter, I wouldn't go as far as to assume those students have a view that
is congruous with your own on those questions.  Also, I know that Toni
Negri isn't particularly popular on this list, but I think that it is
unfair to lump him together with that lot.  I can't recall any time that
Negri has legitimated the U.S. occupation or has had position that wasn't
resolutely anti-capitalist.  I think that you can reject the premises of
Empire while still recognizing that fact.

                             robert wood

> (The French don't seem to have much time today for finding fault with
> Evo Morales or the Vietnamese Communist Party for that matter, thoug
> this is likely because the French, too, are under the misleadership of the
> reformist betrayers of Stalinism and Social Democracy. We don't yet have
> reports on what role Tony Negry, Christopher Hitchens and Marc Cooper
> are playing in these events, though it's probably not for the best <g>)

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