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Tue Apr 4 22:41:51 MDT 2006

Gilles, I think Junaid's somewhat emotive response is a reaction to your
"levelling" of all foriegn Lobbies in the US. Perhaps what you state about
other country/ethnic minority status here (Cubans/Moroccans/etc.) is true, but
in all honestly, you appeared rather flip in your responses to him.

My own take on this is that in terms of specific 'ethnic
group-to-foreign-policy' few groups, Cubans included, come close to pro-Israel
lobby. This lobby is composed of the Israeli government in a close working
alliance with all major US Zionist organizations, the latter of which often
double as Jewish political organizations and/or lobbying groups on their own.
Historically groups like the ADA, the American Jewish Congress, etc., are not
primiarly set up as *zionist* organizations, but rather as Jewish civil rights
organizations. *Historically* is the key word here. During the 70s and 80s,
many oriented toward 'freeing' Soviet Jews and then making sure they'd go to
Israel (as opposed to the US). Now, they primarily work as schills for the
Zionist entity currently occupying Palestine.

These lobbying groups, collectively known as the "Israel Lobby" are the
wealthiest, most socially-imbedded organizations of their type. They have no
competetion. Certainly the "Cuban Lobby" is more homogenous, both politically
and geographically. But they simply cast a small shadow next to the "Israel
Lobby". I also agree with Junaid's statement that there tends to be a two-way
streak, that it's not just "Israel putting pressure on the US", but it runs
both ways, with the Lobby taking US imperialism's concerns to the Israeli

While the Israel Lobby itself is a small part of, and subordinate to, the US
ruling class (that is the American constituent part of this Lobby)it's
Jewish-American component represents *a section* of the single wealthiest
ethnic group in the US today. No other ethnic group, ironcally very politcially
and organizationally heterogeneous in it's own right, can weild such power on a
single foriegn policy issue than the "Israel Lobby". None.

Unemotively yours,

David Walters

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