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> What a curiously mechanistic argument. Why do you assume it flows only 
> one way? To invert your fomulation: If from an objective standpoint 
> Israel became a liability to US imperial interests, the Israeli lobby - 
> far from 'declining' like some kind of damn inevitablity predetermined 
> by  law - will fight like hell, tooth and nail, to make Israel appear to 
> be indispensable to US interests and silence all who say otherwise. 
> Isn't that the whole purpose of a lobby? 


Israel's relationship to the US, whilst influenced to a large extent by the 
Israeli Lobby, is based on Israel's usefulness to the US in the region. 
Everything else is subservient to that. Israel performs the same role in the Middle 
East as Britain in the North Atlantic, Colombia in Latin America and South 
Korea in Southeast Asia. Each is a regional guarantor of US power and a bastion of 
free market fundamentalism. In return they receive a share of the spoils in 
the form of access to markets, resources and aid.

The US only adopted Israel as a client state after the six-day war in 1967. 
It did so purely because Israel demonstrated it was the strongest military 
power in the region and had just delivered a mortal blow to Nasserism, at a time 
when the exigencies of the Cold War dictated US policy, domestic and foreign.

The Lobby has undoubtedly exerted a large influence, but like I said in a 
previous post, the relationship is similar to a vicious dog to its master - 
whilst the dog is able to pull its master where it wants for a period of time, 
ultimately its the master holding the leash and therefore who has overall control.

If Israel was located in Uganda or Madagascar, both parts of the world 
considered by the early Zionists for their new state, I doubt the US or Britain, or 
any other imperialist power would care as much. The fact is it's location in 
the oil rich region of the world, its geopolitical location in relation to the 
emerging economies of China and India, makes it a strategic jewel.

The manipulation of the Holocaust by the Israeli Lobby around the world has 
been hugely successful. However, this manipulation has been significant in 
helping the US ruling class continue to fund what is, a failed state economically, 
to the tune of 4 billion dollars a year, in addition to another 9 billion or 
so in trade credits. 

It is a symbiotic relationship, but the US holds the leash, not the other way 


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