[Marxism] Communist capitalism

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Wed Apr 5 00:45:38 MDT 2006

Junaid http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/msg80786.html

>Actually, I'm not "hanging out" with any ISO nor do I care about crap
like "state-cap inevitabilist" and similar jargon<.

I wasn't really referring to your social habits and am sorry to 
inflict painful jargon upon you Junaid (can a phrase I just made up 
be, technically, jargon?), the point though I was surprised at you 
expressing the view that any revolution not immediately supported 
around the globe is doomed in short order.

>Basically, you totally missed my point, which was that NEP was a 
>concession to a real-world situation of capitalist hegemony<.

Well this point has merit, but previously you wrote something quite 
different, by agreeing with the proposition that "the NEP meant the 
end of revolutionary government in the Soviet Union", i.e. the NEP, 
in itself, was a counter-revolutionary thing to do. However the 
specifics of the NEP were conditioned by the unexpectedly 
unfavourable circumstances the Soviet government found itself in by 
1921, the facts are that for an underdeveloped country, even with 
international support, some kind of market relations are going to be 
necessary for a period: unless you belive in Stalinist-Pol Potist 
collectivisation by machine-gun.

Therefore, for me, market relations in Cuba and Vietnam do not in 
themselves prove the governments there are counter-revolutionary. Of 
course there's huge pressures that will undoubtedly mean these 
revolutionary regimes will eventually be overthrown one way or 
another without international help.

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