[Marxism] Re: Israel lobby controversy

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Wed Apr 5 06:09:25 MDT 2006

M. Junaid Alam wrote:

>... If from an objective standpoint Israel became a liability to US
>imperial interests, the Israeli lobby - far from 'declining' like some kind
>of damn inevitability predetermined by  law - will fight like hell, tooth
>and nail, to make Israel appear to be indispensable to US interests and
>silence all who say otherwise. Isn't that the whole purpose of a lobby?
The Israel lobby, as you and others say, is in many respects like no other,
and your question really does cut to the heart of the matter:

If "Israel became a liability to US imperial interests", would the interests
of the Jewish state predominate and the Israel lobby "silence all who say

Though it is not going to happen soon if at all, let us suppose for the sake
of argument a left wing anti-Zionist party took power in Israel which was
committed to a bi-national Palestinian state and the expulsion of US
imperialism in the Middle East in alliance with other Islamist and
nationalist forces in the region. Would the interests of this new Israel
still prevail?

Not only would the US quickly become openly hostile, but is there any
question that the Jewish-evangelical Israel lobby, as currently constituted,
would be among the first to call for a rupture with a state which had now
clearly become a "major liability to US imperial interests" - the wishes of
its Jewish majority be damned? The so-called ethnic tie would then be as
much of a factor in promoting solidarity as it presently is, for example,
between David Horowitz and Noam Chomsky - which is to say, it wouldn't be a
factor at all. Politics would decide.

The expansionist and racist tendencies inherent in the nature of a
settler-colony and US imperialism's dependence on a reliable pro-Western
state in the region capable of quelling any threats to its control of the
oil supply has been the historic basis for the US-Israel strategic
relationship, including as it manifests itself by extension within the US
political system. If either of these two factors were to change, the Israel
lobby would collapse so quickly and absolutely it would be difficult to
imagine that it was once so prominent as to create the illusion that it was
steering a monolithic US foreign policy establishment incapable of gauging
its own independent interests in accordance with a shift in the balance of
forces in the Middle East.

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