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> There are a lot of things discussed on Marxmail: history and pre-
> history, music and poetry, even sports, life styles, and from time to 
> time personal relationships. But the core has to be the class 
> struggle--recent, contemporary, and projected.

I have been scantily reading the Marxmail summaries these last weeks.

What I have perceived is that the national unification of Latin 
America is perceived as "not class struggle".  And there doesn't look 
to exist the most elementary intention to look at it this way.

That is why J.B. has left the list.  Because of the stubbornness to 
deny class and socialist contents to the mainstay of a revolution in 
Latin America, to its most essential task, by comrades who consider 
themselves the torch bearers of a revolution that -so far- has not 
been seen alighting anywhere in this world.

And that is why I have receded to the dark shallows where lurkers 

And that is why I will remain there.

Because I respect this list, I respect the enormous job that Louis 
Proyect is doing, and I also respect myself and the millions of 
comrades who, South of the Bravo River, are slowly beginning to 
understand that the foreflag of our march towards socialism is "Latin 
Americans, unite!"

Which, BTW, is what an Ukrainian Jew discovered in Mexico City 
seventy years ago.

Others prefer to cut some onion and shed crocodile's tears for poor 
Latin Americans, always so weak and well disposed but ever defeated.

This time, this will not happen.

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