[Marxism] Wisconsin voters say "NO" to Iraq War

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 5 08:34:24 MDT 2006

Back in the day, the Daily Cardinal was edited by a man who later
became one of those talking heads pundits, Jeff Greenfield, and it
wasn't helpful during the Vietnam War era. We often called it the
"Daily Crudinal" as a result. Yes, I do receive a daily bulletin
of healine from Madison this way. There's also a second university
paper I saw the other day. No idea of the Capital-Times or else 
the State Journal likewise have such services. I'm not particularly
nostalgic about those times, but Wisconsin has lots of fascinating
political things going on. Like Senator Feingold who has moved to
censure Bush, for example. I like to try to keep up with events
in the Badger state if popssible. 

They also follow the handy practice of making the entire paper 
available via PDF. In this they are probably following from the
example of Workers World, who tells me they get hits from all over
the world where people reprint their paper that way.

There are two main Cuban dailies, Granma and Juventud Rebelde who
have daily news bulletins with links to the principal articles at
their sites. Juventud Rebelde has a series of different bulletins
on computer technology issues, sex and relationships, and so on.
These of course are in Spanish. CubaNow and Prensa Latina offer
bulletins in English.

Perhaps Berkeley's vote might have been higher, but I gather that
the issue wasn't on the ballot in Berkeley. 


BRIAN SHANNON asked and commented:
Is it true that Walter gets the Daily Cardinal sent daily by 
e-mail along with Granma?

I bet Berkeley's vote for withdrawal would have been higher.

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