[Marxism] Class struggle, unions and onions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 5 09:12:32 MDT 2006

>That is why J.B. has left the list.  Because of the stubbornness to
>deny class and socialist contents to the mainstay of a revolution in
>Latin America, to its most essential task, by comrades who consider
>themselves the torch bearers of a revolution that -so far- has not
>been seen alighting anywhere in this world.

As one of Joaquin's greatest admirers, I too am sorry that he left the 
list. But to repeat myself, he was creating a very bad precedent by 
constantly rubbing the skin color of those who disagreed with him in their 
faces. This is not a serious way to conduct Marxist polemics. In addition, 
after he posted private mail from Josh Saxe to the list, Josh unsubbed. 
Although there were lots of things that Josh said that put Joaquin off (and 
me as well), he was a serious young revolutionary activist who came to this 
list for guidance and debate. He was part of a small Marxist group in LA 
that has been very active around trade union issues. Since people like me, 
you and Joaquin are in our 50s and above, it is critical to develop 
relationships with younger activists just the way that we did when we 
became Marxists in the 1960s or 70s. I consider the loss of Josh regrettable.

Joaquin's mistake was to turn the debate over Latin America into some kind 
of litmus test. There are any number of issues that could generate "split" 
type dynamics here if we allowed them to. For example, I am in total 
disagreement with Michael Karadjis over Yugoslavia but I would not allow 
myself or others to draw a line in the sand over the question. Periodically 
we have a debate about such a question and then move on. But if we allow 
ourselves to turn such questions into permanent trench warfare, the list 
will blow up.

One final thing on rrubinelli. It is probably just as well that he unsubbed 
as well. Although he is not as provocative as he has been in the past, he 
has a terrible habit of not letting go of an issue. After he spent some 
weeks in France, he had virtually nothing to say to the list about what he 
saw. The only thing he wanted to talk about was Latin America and the 
"nationalist" threat to Marxist purity. We don't need this at all.



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