[Marxism] Subscribe to your local paper!

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Wed Apr 5 09:26:59 MDT 2006

Yes, I do receive a daily bulletin
of healine from Madison this way. There's also a second university
paper I saw the other day. No idea of the Capital-Times or else
the State Journal likewise have such services. I'm not particularly
nostalgic about those times, but Wisconsin has lots of fascinating
political things going on. Like Senator Feingold who has moved to
censure Bush, for example. I like to try to keep up with events
in the Badger state if popssible.  —

I get the Sacramento Bee by e-mail every day, and because of the  
"goon" incident last year, the Temple U. student paper comes weekly.  
It was kind enough to print a comment by me on one of David  
Horowitz's lies.

I believe that other student newspapers would be open to similar  

Marxmail subscribers should also consider getting their state capital  
papers. They have more state-wide information than your local ones  
and often national information that pertains to your state that may  
not appear in the big-city dailies. They are writing for their  
legislators, lobbyists, and even for the local papers that pick up  
news from them.


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