[Marxism] Re: Venezuela's Caruachi hydro plant inaugurated 2160 MW plant!

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 09:49:31 MDT 2006

  Hydro power is not absolutely "green". Ofcourse, thre is no burning of  fossil fuels but we are submerging forests, building huge artificial  water bodies, which can lead to local earthquakes, destroy  bio-diversity by submerging virgin forests, displace millions of poor  peasents who cultivate dry uplands and it is usually the rich peasents  in the rich low lying irrigated lands who get the benifits. In the  Western Indian State of Maharashtra, 90% of the irrigated water in the  state is consumed by rich peasents in just 10% of the land to produce  cash crops such as sugarcane.
  There are millions of poor tribals in India who have been driven from  their homes by large Hydro-electric dams in the last 50 years and till  now only a few of them have been rehabilitated. A majority of them end  up in the dirty slums of cities like Mumbai and Delhi.
  Ms Medha patkar, who is waging a fight against the Narmada river  project in India is on indefinite fast for the last 7 days in Delhi.  She is demanding that the displaced people should be rehabilitated. 
  Vijaya Kumar Marla
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