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> Just to repeat myself, I don't find generalizations about what kind of
> revolution Bolivia needs that useful. I am much more interested in an
> explanation about the social features of the Aymara versus the
> Quechua. Or what led to the conflict called the Great Chaco War. Or
> about the  1952 revolution and its aftermath.

Dear Louis, there are large libraries, I also repeat myself, on these 
issues, either from a Marxist viewpoint or different viewpoints but 
full of interest and data.  Translating reams and reams of important 
info is not within the limits of both my time constraints and budget 
tightness.  My question was, obviously, rhethoric.

But the fact is that most of what passes for "Marxist" analysis of 
the Bolivian reality abroad comes from a quite different source, the 
source that, and I am REALLY SORRY to say it, has always somehow or 
other managed to find itself forming an objective block with the 
enemies of the Bolivian masses at each mayor historic bend.

Maybe your sources in English are good, I don't know them.  But one 
thing is for sure:  you won't be able to understand the complex 
peculiarities of the Bolivian situation, and those issues that you 
point out so reasonably, with the "mainstream"  Marxist chatter that 
passes for "in-depth-knowledge" outside Latin America.

Once upon a time, I began to write a series of historical notes on 
Argentina for this list, which took me too long and was left 
unfinished.  I can't go ahead with that, so how could I go ahead with 
Bolivia, too?

Maybe a short bibliography, but in Spanish for this is what I have 
access to, can be compiled.  I don't know, however, if these books 
can be obtained in the US, etc.

Do you understand, now, dear Louis, why my sarcasm as regards the -
not an exaggeration- twenty linear feet of shelves that should be 
translated and my not having the budget?

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