[Marxism] Worlds Are Colliding

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 5 11:37:58 MDT 2006

(Anyone here on Marxmail know about this? 
What does this mean in practical terms?)

April 5, 2006 -- 1:05 p.m. EDT
Worlds Are Colliding
Wall Street Journal

Apple offered a way for users of its Intel-based Macintosh personal
computers to run Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, a
monumental collision of worlds that could make Dell and other PC
makers as nervous as George Costanza.

Mac enthusiasts have been waiting for such a move from Apple since
last summer, when it introduced Intel-based computers. One even went
so far as to offer more than $12,000 to the first person who could
solve the problem of running both XP and Apple's OSX on a Mac.
Hackers came up with a fairly unwieldy solution in recent weeks, and
it seemed only a matter of time before Apple struck back.

According to George's "Worlds Theory," as explained on "Seinfeld,"
"Anybody knows, ya gotta keep your worlds apart." The risk of two
parallel universes coming together, according to the theory, is that
one world "blows up." In the case of Apple and Microsoft, two tech
worlds long kept separate by a moat of mutual animosity, neither will
likely blow up. In fact, both stand to benefit. Apple's "Boot Camp"
download, which makes Windows use possible, comes loaded with caveats
and restrictions. But it should be enough to convince some
fence-sitting computer shoppers accustomed to Windows-based PCs to
buy a Mac. "We expect features like 'Boot Camp' to help Apple
accelerate its already significant market-share gains," ThinkEquity
Partners analyst Jonathan Hoopes told clients. Piper Jaffray analyst
Gene Munster said that a mere 1% gain in PC market share for Apple
could translate into a 15% gain in earnings. As for Microsoft, the
move could boost demand for its software. Shares of Apple rose 7%,
while Microsoft shares were little changed.

The full brunt of the collision of worlds might be felt instead by PC
makers, particularly industry leader Dell, which make boxes that only
use Windows. "Corporations will now have the option of running their
Windows-based applications on Macs instead of PCs -- of which Dell is
the largest supplier," opined the Consumer Electronics Stock Blog.
"Michael Dell may not be worried yet," the Gadgetopia blog said, "but
depending on how this plays out he might be soon." Dell's shares fell

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