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On February 4, 1958, in an interview with Andrew St. George, 
published in Look magazine, Fidel Castro, when asked about his 
political objective, explained:

"Our 26th of July Movement has never called for nationalizing 
foreign investments, though in my twenties I PERSONALLY advocated 
public ownershp of Cuba's public utilities.  Nationalization can 
never be as rewarding as the right kind of private investment, 
domestic and foreign, aimed at diversifying our economy.  I know 
revolution sounde like bitter medicine to many businessmen.   
But after the first shock, they will find it a boon - no ore 
theiving tax collectors, no plundering army chieftains or bribe
-hungry official to bleed them white. Our revolution is a much 
a moral as a political one."

REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE, Volume 1 of the selected works of 
Fidel Castro. (no other volumes were published.) edited
by Rolando E. Bonachea and Nelson P. Valdes, MIT Press, 1972

Mind-reading isn't one of my special skills, so I cannot tell 
what's going on inside Ollanta Humala's mind, but Latin American
political leaders, especially on the political left, have learned
much from the writings of Cuba's Jose Marti. In his final letter,
written days before his death in the independence war, he gave
prophetic advice which serious people have kept in mind since:

"I am in daily danger of giving my life for my country and duty 
for I understand that duty and have the courage to carry it 
out-the duty of preventing the United States from spreading 
through the Antilles as Cuba gains its independence, and from 
empowering with that additional strength our lands of America. 
All I have done so far, and all I will do, is for this purpose. 
I have had to work quietly and somewhat indirectly, because to 
achieve certain objectives, they must be kept under cover; to 
proclaim them for what they are would raise such difficulties 
that the objectives could not be attained.
FULL: http://makeashorterlink.com/?H32232B37

LET'S BE CLEAR: I have no idea what is in the mind of Ollanta
Humala, nor do I make any predictions about what he will do if
he is elected president of Peru. I do know, however, that the
habit of making political proyections from formal declarations
has made fools out of more than one political trend, such as
the one who famously declared that "the main danger to the
Cuban Revolution is in its own leadership", thirteen MONTHS
after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. They found fault
with Fidel Castro for what was left out of Fidel's political

Castro's revolutionary critics declared:

Walter Lippmann

SPIEGEL: Peru's ruling class is dreading your election victory. 
Do you want to introduce socialism?

Humala: This fear is unfounded. The confrontation between the 
classic left and the traditional right no longer plays a role 
today, that belongs to the Cold War. We are the victims of an 
unbridled capitalism, a global economic imperialism. The 
competition from multinational companies is destroying our 
industries, exploiting our resources and forcing us into an 
export-oriented economy. I am running against this.

SPIEGEL: You are also like a red rag to the Americans, they 
see in you a Peruvian Hugo Chavez.

Humala: The representatives of the new movements in Latin 
America have many names. They are socialists, Indian activists, 
here in Peru we call ourselves nationalists. But we all have one 
common denominator: the fight against the neo-liberal economic 
model. We are the new face of Latin America. For decades our 
countries followed neoliberal prescriptions, that had little to 
the reality. That is why there was social unrest everywhere, the 
political systems broke apart.

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