[Marxism] Class struggle, unions and onions

Wayne S. Rossi felianan at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 11:45:43 MDT 2006

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> >Quite to the contrary, it is only the proletariat who can be trusted
> >to make a stand against imperialism.  Unless the real proletarian
> >tendencies unite and lead the struggle, the whole project is another
> >doomed fantasy.
> >
> >- Wayne
> How many fucking times do we have to hear that we need socialist 
> revolutions on a Marxism list. I am ready to close this list down and
> find a better use of my time. No wonder young people are looking into
> anarchism.

Of course, that ignores the upshot of the whole thing; the problem is
that the "Marxist" analysis of many on this list is a popular front in
indigenous Latin American clothing.  The opposite view, a Trotskyist
view, is that the popular front is a deeply broken tactic and will only
lead where it always has, to the defeat of the working class.

There's a tendency for the discussion here to go to the basics because
the real divisions are at such a basic level.  As the moderator, you're
free to cut off discussion that hits this level (since you obviously
have no love for it) and we can go back to discussing movies and
Walter's forwarding of the Cuban press.  But the basics aren't brought
up out of some sense of pedantry; they are raised because they're
really in the discussion.

And as one of the young participants in this list (at 25, I'd wager I'm
half the median age), I just have to say -- the reason younger people
are attracted to anarchism is because anarchists get shit done.  Which
is *not* something I can say for some Marxist groups.

- Wayne

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