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Wed Apr 5 22:19:29 MDT 2006

Sorry for the subterfuge, but the moderator leaves me no alternative.....There is after all a question of fact and accuracy....

>There I am minding my own business, just telling Les why I probably won't
>resubscribe to the list, when innocently checking the archives, I see LP
>hard at work with his usual disinformation; attempting to provide some substantive
>cover for our mutual visceral dislike.
>I left the list not because I was placed on moderation, but because LP insisted on
>prohibiting posting of my protest against moderation, although he certainly conveyed
>JB's protest to the list.
>Now LP with his usual lack of rigor states that RR spent several weeks in France
>and still after all that time only wants to discuss Latin America, and that only from 
>a formalistic perspective.
> I spent 3 days in France, returning on Thursday 3/30.  Not weeks.  I was placed
>on moderation Saturday 4/1.  Not a whole lot of time to prepare a report for the greater glory of Mr. 
>Proyect's cyberfame.
>Moreover, although I certainly don't expect anyway to remember,  I have written about 20
>separate articles on the struggle Bolivia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.  They have not appeared
>on the list, but the link has certainly been provided.  
>None of those from the
>formalistic, ideological perspective of "permanent revolution."  Now you can disagree with
>the content and conclusions of those articles, but you would have to read them first.  And I don't
>think anyone will find those articles obsessed with any form of ideological or party purtiy.
>Honestly, I left the list because I am really dismayed by the lack of engagement with the
>critical issues of Marxism:  that is the reproduction of capital and those forces driven forward
>by that reproduction, in the struggle for and against that reproduction.  
>And as a subset of that lack of engagement is, I believe, LP's own need to use the list to
>obtain a measure of cyber-celebrity-- becoming the equivalent of Counterpunch and Cockburn,
>St. Clair.  
>I have no desire to participate in any of that.
>I wrote to Les thanking him for his consistent displays of integrity and even-handedness.  I don't
>think  Proyect even understands what those qualities are.
I now will leave you all to the wonderful movie and book reviews, the clippings from Prensa Latina, the gurglings from the SWP nursing home, that have sustained Marxism so mightily in its periods of darkness.. 
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