[Marxism] Ollanta Humala interview

thomas muntzer immune_from_demoralization at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 22:59:59 MDT 2006

> As far as "single-minded focus on heads of state",
> you may well
> have a point. I'm "for" Evo Morales. I want him to
> succeed and
> hope that he does, though that gurantees nothing
> except that I'll
> look at him sympathetically. But then, others on
> this list are 
> "against" him. Nothing he can do will satisfy some
> Marxmailistas.

Walter it goes much deeper than "for" or "against." 
The problem is to work out, given the present
conjuncture, in say, Bolivia or Venezuela, what are
the perspectives for socialist revolution?  This is
what Trotsky did in his writings on Spain, what Frantz
Fanon did in terms of the nationalist revolution in
Algeria, what Marx did in his writings on France, what
Lenin did for practically every country in Europe
during the Civil War.  What is the place of the events
in Bolivia in the process of the Latin American
socialist revolution?  What should be the perspectives
of adherents of the socialist revolution in these

Those who took the opposite ("left") side in these
debates on Bolivia are pretty flexible about what your
answer to these questions is.  But we want an answer
beyond throwing your hands up in the air and declaring
for a relativist epistemology.  I'd say we are (or at
least I am) pretty flexible in the answer you might
give and can respect and tolerate any good argument. 
The Alan Woods groups thinks the socialist
transformation can occur almost from the top down-they
meet with Chavez and discuss with him.  Others see him
as a Bonapartist.  But you could even make an argument
based on analysis of economic and social forces to say
that it will occur and be led by Chavistas without the
intervention of any third party.  But we need a
perspective for national, regional, and international
revolution -- that's what the discussion needs to be about.

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