[Marxism] Public apology

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 6 09:09:04 MDT 2006

The irony was certainly over my head. I actually thought you were
going to support Ollanta Humala. I apologize for my mistake here.

Walter Lippmann
Roughly translated, this says that when the peasants of Peru tried 
to apply indigenous democracy, they were shot. Of course, this might 
not lower Humala that much in Walter's estimation, since he is on 
record as endorsing the Chinese government's right to close down 
socialist websites.

>As a matter of fact, this thread was begun by Louis Proyect, who 
>indicated he was in favor of Ollanta Humala two days ago. Is that no 
>longer the case?

I said that if Mario Vargas Llosa was against him, that might be all 
I need to support him. This was more of an expression of my hatred 
for Vargas Llosa than anything else as well as an attempt at irony 
that might have been lost on some.

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