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Thu Apr 6 12:19:38 MDT 2006

Below is an e-mail from the News of World's Night News editor threatening me 
with legal action for publishing the pictures of disgraced journalist Mahzer 
Mahmood.  Mahzer had been caught trying to induce corruption on the part of 
George Galloway MP, with additional plans to carry out the same against 
other left-wingers.  As New Labour is sinking in corruption, the News 
International empire loyally serves power by trying to conduct sting 
operations on left-wing MPs.

The pictures are published here: 

Of course, the guy's threat is entirely spurious since I personally hadn't 
been served with an injunction and at any rate, a contempt of court charge 
would be difficult to pin on a blogger.

It just illustrates the lengths that the corporate media will go to in order 
to preserve their ability to despoil lives.  The hypocrisy is blinding: they 
wanted to prevent the revelation of Mahzer's identity on grounds of privacy 
and personal protection, when they have personally hounded people to death, 
including publishing a picture of an alleged 'paedophile', which led to an 
innocent man being kicked to death by an angry mob.  Their final defeat in 
the courts today is a massive benchmark for UK media law.

>From: "Newland, Zak" <zak.newland at news-of-the-world.co.uk>
>To: <leninology at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Mazher Mahmood
>Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 01:57:55 +0100
>There is currently a High Court injunction in place banning the
>publication of the photos of Mazher Mahmood which you have posted on
>your webpage. I have passed the link to your webpage on to News
>International lawyer Tom Crone.
>Zak Newland
>Night News Editor
>News of the World.
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