[Marxism] Boris Kargalitsky analysis of the Ukrainian elections

Yuriy Dergunov dergunov2005 at mail.ru
Thu Apr 6 22:21:40 MDT 2006

LP> http://www.counterpunch.org/kagarlitsky04062006.html

Kagarlitsky writes:

What are the Blue and Orange camps teaming up against? Obviously not the
demoralized Communist Party, or the Socialists, whose desire to be invited
into the Cabinet -- regardless of ideological orientation -- outweighs all
other concerns. The Ukrainian new left, represented by such groups as Che
Guevara and Left Initiative, have made progress, but are still a long way from
becoming serious political players.

It's not surprising that Kagarlitsky doesn't recognize Progressive
Socialist Party at all. It's the only mass party that unites ideas of
socialism with that of the Union with Russia in the common struggle
against imperialism. Imperialism is the word completely forgotten by
sectarian organizations, Kagarlitsky writes about. And off course,
Kagarlitsky is not exception too. He completely "forgotten" about US
role in all Ukrainian chaos. It's strange for a leftist, isn't it?

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