[Marxism] COHA: Peru's 2006 Presidential Elections

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Fri Apr 7 13:34:08 MDT 2006

Council On Hemispheric Affairs

Friday, April 7, 2006

COHA Report:

Peru's 2006 Presidential Elections:

Ollanta Humala, considered the most radical of the three candidates,
has become known precisely because of what direction his government's
foreign policy could take. He recently met with Venezuela's Hugo
Chavez and recently-elected Bolivian president Evo Morales in
Caracas. It is unclear if Humala is a die-hard "pink tide" supporter,
(there are no guarantees he inherited his father's deep left
ideology) or if he will turn out to be another Lucio Gutierrez, the
Ecuadorian president who ended up becoming Washington's servitor and
supporting the U.S. military presence in Manta, after promising his
indigenous allies that he would not do so. What has put Ollanta in
the news is his promise to revise contracts that previous governments
have signed, like, for example, Chile's ownership of most of the
country's ports, despite the historic tension between the two
countries. He also has voiced his support for a stronger armed
forces, which has probably made Santiago uncomfortable. 

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