[Marxism] WSJ complains that market forces don't drive China

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Apr 7 16:47:51 MDT 2006

Louis Proyect wrote:
> All Walter seems interested in is
> crossposting articles with a brief introduction. If Walter or anybody else
> thinks that there is no qualitative difference between Cuban and Chinese
> society, I invite them to write down their thoughts. 

I could imagine a vigorous marxist defense of the political position
which Walter's forwards seem to be advocating. Though I probably
wouldn't agree with it, it would still be interesting to consider. But
those forwards, or the overwhelming proportion of them, are pretty
empty, and contribute nothing to the hypothetical position Walter
upholds. As such, they represent spam rather than contributions to the
list and, somewhat reluctantly, I have today filtered him to trash as my
fingers get tired of opening posts which simply don't argue anything or
provide any useful information.


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