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Fireworks over flag bring Senate to halt
By April M. Washington, Rocky Mountain News 
April 6, 2006 
Angry accusations of anti-Americanism shut down the
state Senate briefly Wednesday after a Republican
lawmaker introduced a measure to protect displays of
the U.S. flag in schools. 
The amendment, by Senate Minority Leader Andy
McElhany, R- Colorado Springs, passed the Senate 28-3.

Under it, the state would deny grants to any schools
that ban the respectful display of the flag, clothing
that depicts the flag or clothing that includes the
colors of the flag. 
The measure comes in response to recent immigration
rallies at area middle and high schools. 
At least two principals have banned Mexican and U.S.
flags and flag-related clothing, saying they can
incite violence. 
"We need to send a message," said Sen. Tom Wiens,
R-Castle Rock. "We have American principals of
American schools seeing to it that American students
don't display the American flag. 
"We can no longer stand for devaluing the greatness of
this country, devaluing what it means to be a citizen
of this country and devaluing the symbols of this
Debate at one point was shut down after Senate
Majority Leader Ken Gordon, D-Denver, objected to
remarks from Sen. Jim Dyer, R-Centennial, accusing
liberals of being soft on patriotism. 
Sen. Ron Tupa, D-Boulder - one of three Democrats to
vote against the amendment - defended a decision by
the principal of Longmont's Skyline High School to ban
the display of the U.S. and Mexican flags after the
flags were waved in the faces of students. 
He said the principal was worried about the safety of
"This has nothing to do with patriotism. It has
nothing to do with the American flag," Tupa said. 
"This is about keeping the schools safe in a heated
Dyer called Tupa's remarks the "plangent cry of the
left" and said that liberals were trying to equate the
flag with something dangerous. 
Sens. Gordon and Bob Bacon, of Fort Collins, took that
as an attack against liberals' patriotism. 
"There are no members of my caucus that are any less
patriotic than on your side of the aisle," Gordon said
He had helped rewrite the amendment and later voted
for it. 
"Thank you for that display of petulance, Senator
Gordon," Dyer responded. 
The debate became so heated that Gordon dismissed the
After lunch, lawmakers returned with cooler heads. 
Ten Democrats joined Republicans in supporting the
amendment before giving final approval to the $4.77
billion school-finance bill. 
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