[Marxism] Museum of Television and Radio

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 7 18:20:42 MDT 2006

Doug Henwood asked me a question offlist that I neglected to cover in my 
post but it is very important so I am glad he reminded me. One of the great 
pleasures of this museum is how elegantly their library is set up. It is 
really a pleasure to use. When you get to the library, they show you a 
computer that basically allows you to do google type searches on any 
keyword, like "Hoffa" or "McCarthy", etc. Once a list of hits is returned 
to you, you can click a "checkout" button next to each show you want to 
see. Then, they give you a numbered list of what you want to see that you 
present to the librarians on the 3rd floor. You then sit down at a TV 
console with a headset and enter the numbers of your selections. You never 
touch a tape and who would want to? They are extremely helpful if you have 
any questions, but none will probably arise. Compared to using microfiche 
at Columbia, which I occasionally do, this is child's play. All in all, the 
museum is a great cultural asset and one that I plan to use again.

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