[Marxism] Debate over scale of AIDS holocaust

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> From the face of it, it seems that sampling error did
> lead to overestimates for infection and mortality
> rates. But talk of conspiracies by self-serving UN
> bureaucrats should make one nervous. Indeed, WBAI and
> Pacifica’s airwaves have been used in the past to
> peddle pseudo-science and obscurantism about the
> pandemic. Health guru and snake oil salesman Gary
> Null, for example, maintains on his popular program
> that there’s no connection between HIV and AIDS. 


I don't know who Gary Null is, but I do know that some eminent scientists 
also question the link between HIV and Aids. Among them are nobel laureate Peter 
Duesberg, Kary Mullis and the Perth Group in Australia.

These individuals are credible, lauded for their research on cancers, viruses 
and retroviruses, yet despite that the AIDS establishment - now a 
muli-billion dollar a year industry - has sought to discredit them and paint them as - 
well - as snake oil salesman.

Duesberg was made a pariah within the scientific community, and had his 
funding curtailed. His research and thesis on HIV is compelling reading. It can be 
accessed via his website. 



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