[Marxism] contemporary nigeria reading?

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Sat Apr 8 10:36:39 MDT 2006

Michael Watts, at UC Berkeley Geography, has written at length on Nigeria.
His work on the 80s was a historical materialist analysis of
famine....since the mid-nineties he's been writing on Oil and Ken
Saro-Wiwa, the Ogoni, etc.

His classic book is 1983 "Silent Violence"

Check out his website for other articles--

such as,

Resource Curse?: Governmentality, Oil and Power in the Niger Delta,
Nigeria, Geopolitics [Special issue] 9/1,


> Hi comrades,
> I'm looking for a short book or article(s) on politics and culture in
> contemporary Nigeria. If you have any suggestions, could you send these to
> me off-list?
> thanks,
> Andrew
> andrewsplane at gmail.com
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