[Marxism] Racist comedians

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Sat Apr 8 14:37:52 MDT 2006

The Anti-Immigrant Impulse in U.S. Comedy
by Pancho McFarland

Evening comedy in the U.S. uses racist depictions of immigrants to gain 
laughs and ratings while misleading the public about the importance of 
immigrants to our economy and culture.

Dennis Miller hosting the Critics’ Choice Awards joked about “the illegal 
alien” problem in California (and presumably throughout the United States). 
Angry white man comic Miller has earned popularity for his libertarian 
political rants. As emcee of the awards show on January 9, 2006 Miller 
abused his post to joke about the heavy traffic in Southern California 
except, he explains, for “the illegal alien lane” which was moving rapidly 
with hordes of “alien” Mexicans from a “foreign” land; the new Brown Peril.

Less than two weeks later Jay Leno complains in his amiable good white guy 
way about efforts that would make it easier for “aliens” to come to the 
U.S. He jokes about there being too many already. On this night we get a 
double dose of angry white man falling, however, as Leno’s first guest, 
Miller, encourages putting young Muslim men under government surveillance 
and imploring our government to “tighten our Borders.” He scoffs and 
demeans those like Howard Dean who have publicly questioned the Bush 
regime’s practice of monitoring our phone calls, emails and other 
communications. He, like Leno, complains about the high numbers of Mexican 
“aliens” entering “our” country. “Tijuana
looks like the Boston 
only in ponchos,” Miller quips. He entertains Leno’s studio and 
television audience by proposing a solution to the debate around guest 
worker programs and a possible wall spanning the entirety of the 2,000 mile 
plus Mexico-U.S. border: “I say you bring them over to build the wall and 
at the last minute you throw them back over.”

full: http://bad.eserver.org/editors/2006/antiimmigrantimpulse.html

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