[Marxism] Museum of Television and Radio

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 9 10:11:16 MDT 2006

>CB: Is this the same Doug Henwood who moderates the LBO-talk list ?

Yes, our long-standing feud has been over for some time now. Basically, I 
was very happy with the stand he took on the Ward Churchill controversy, 
which became a kind of litmus test (a genuine one, I must add) for the 
left. When assholes like Marc Cooper were making a stink about Churchill's 
"plagiarism" at the very time he was under attack, Doug took the right 
position, namely that this was not the time to be looking at such matters 
but to be standing up to the rightwing. He even collided with the ineffably 
horrible Thomas Brown, a professor who was leading the charge against 
Churchill in the bourgeois press, on LBO-Talk. 

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