[Marxism] Walter and overposting

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Sun Apr 9 10:25:04 MDT 2006

Louis Proyect :
Speaking of which, I pointed out that Hugo Blanco was unhappy with Humala's
identification with General Juan Velasco, who took power in a coup in 1968
and ruled until 1975 when he was overthrown by a rightwing coup. Is this 
something that the left should embrace? A bid to recreate Velasco's regime?
It must be said that many of the themes appearing today in terms of
continental unity, indigenous rights, nationalizations, friendship with
Cuba, etc. appeared under Velasco. But his government was never really
popular in the way that Hugo Chavez's was today. This is the reason I keep
harping on the need to adopt a more scholarly approach to Latin American
politics. Unless we understand the past, we cannot understand the challenges
of the present. 

CB; Speaking of Latin American history, was General Simon Bolivar really all
that progressive as a model for today ?

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