[Marxism] Role models for progressive movements (was Walter and overposting)

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 9 10:52:06 MDT 2006

Charles Brown: "Speaking of Latin American history, was General Simon Bolivar really all that progressive as a model for today?"
  Com. CB, It is a tactical historical mistake of Indian Communists not  to be identified as a part of the Indian Independence movement led by  Mahatma Gandhi, even though they had made a number of great sacrifices  and waged glorious struggles aagainst the British Coloniial rule.   Had the Communists played their part in the Indian freedom struggle  that is commensurate with their sacrifices and movements, the history  of India and the world would have been different. By owning the  Mahatma's lagacy, the communists would have gained a significant share  of power with Nehru, a historical opportunity they had let go.
  The Latin American Left is wise enough to own the  progressive  aspects of their historical legacy, which I feel is a correct strategy.  I wish them all success! 
  Vijaya Kumar Marla
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