[Marxism] Models for the Latin American left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 9 11:30:02 MDT 2006

>     CB wrote:
>   "Speaking of Latin American history, was General Simon Bolivar really 
> all that progressive as a model for today ?"
>   Louis says:
>"Absolutely. In the 19th century, he was on the front-lines attacking
>Spanish colonialism and disunity. As a militant of the bourgeois
>revolution, we would put in the same category as an Abe Lincoln or a 
>Absolutely? Even if Bolivar was quite reluctant to free slaves (not to 
>face resentment from big landowners), and he did only as a strategic manouver.

You'll notice that I changed the subject heading. We really never should 
have put Walter's name in it as we have mentioned in the past.

On Bolivar, his attitude toward slaves was not that different from 
Lincoln's, who was more interested in preserving the union than in 
emancipation. It was only out of military necessity that he took up the 
cause of freeing the slaves in an unqualified manner. I know that Mark 
Lause will disagree with this, but that's what makes this list interesting! 

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