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> Speaking of which, I pointed out that Hugo Blanco was unhappy with
> Humala's identification with General Juan Velasco, who took power in a
> coup in 1968 and ruled until 1975 when he was overthrown by a
> rightwing coup. Is this something that the left should embrace? A bid
> to recreate Velasco's regime? 

(a) Offer something better, Louis.  I will be your first supporter

(b) I don't even expect Humala to recreate Velasco's regime, as you 
call it.

(c) However, I think that we should support him if he eventually 

(d) Much as I respect Hugo Blanco (among other reasons, because he 
was swindled by some Argentinean, Brezzano by name, and said nothing 
about that), he is not exactly the best source to rely upon when it 
comes to assessing the Peruvian political movement.  The main problem 
with the "Velasco regime" was that it was a _purely military_ regime, 
a regime without _political party_.  Thus, when the command was 
reshuffled, the movement stiffled away.

But it actually put an end to gamonalism in Perú.  Little feat, 
maybe, for a supercilious observer.  But not little thing for a 
Peruvian peasant and/or Indian.

Louis Pr. states elsewhere:

"in terms of models, we are really obligated to state with the utmost 
clarity that national sovereignty, democracy and true economic 
development are not compatible with capitalism. If that makes me 
sound like a member of the Spartacist League, so be it. "

And I agree, but as you wisely say, Lou, "in terms of models".

People do not go to politics in search of models.  They get into 
politics in search of popular (not national) sovereignty, national 
dignity, economic independence (not necessarily growth), social 
justice and even these things appear in more concrete form.

The moment comes when you have to _choose sides_, and you aren't 
heading one of the sides.  Keep your organization independent, of 
course.  Keep yourself free from the mistakes and shortcomings of the 
bourgeois, of course.  But choose the good solid ground people 
choose, because _it is only in the process that opens up when such 
projects are put to work that we Leftists, Marxists or whatever, can 
show that we can be "better than the compañeros in power".

If one does not understand this, then one does not understand the ABC 
of politics in Latin America.  I don't know if elsewhere.

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