[Marxism] Gnostic Gospels and Conspiracy Theory

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Sun Apr 9 18:53:21 MDT 2006

The gospel of Judas will be interesting for what it tells us about the  
history of the early christian churches, not for what it says about or  
attributes to Jesus. (The homophobic references in there fit perfectly  
with early christian churches under the influence of Paul.) Since this  
was written after the Gospel of John (which is the most removed from  
the events is purports to narrate), the statements it attributes to  
Jesus can be taken with quite a few grains of salt.

I'm interested to see what Ehrman will have to say about it; I find his  
take on the historical Jesus to be the most compelling (*not* the  
romantic rebel/revolutionary leader Jesus standing up against Roman  
imperialism, but a parochial, small-time jewish apocalyptic prophet  
whose followers are pretty adept at exaggerating the truth for their  
own purposes).

In terms of the modern implications, I think we can welcome anything  
that helps shake up the myth of Jesus and the early church. And the  
more historical data we have the better.

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> Gnostic Gospels and Conspiracy Theory
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