[Marxism] When Great Britain tortured Communists (3)

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sun Apr 9 21:17:49 MDT 2006

This was originally posted by Louis Proyect, who thanked Lenin's  
Tomb. Since then it has been posted by truthout.org




This should now be retitled "When Great Britain tortured Communists  
and why this is being withheld by the U.S. media."

I am sure that some on this list follow the www.news.google.com. You  
would never had seen this article there. I used it to search for  
Cobain Germany Torture in the search line of the site. The first  
couple of days, there were 8 hits. Popular science stories get from  
20 to 100 hits, unless it is a little bit sensational about the fish  
that may have been evolving into a land creature. Ordinary political  
stories go for 200 to slightly under 2,000. A really important story  
about golf may get over 3,000. (Don't shake your head, it's not my  

But 8 hits. So I waited. It went down to 6. Now it is at 2. Even when  
it was at 8, every paper was either British or some part of the old  

If you try Google itself, you will get the same results. There are  
only 35 hits and they are overwhelmingly of the old British Empire.  
The first hits get many more, but filtering out by putting in  
negatives for "Kurt Cobain" and pre 2006 articles by Ian Cobain  
brought it down to a legitimate number:
"ian cobain" torture germany communists -suicide  -"kurt cobain"  
-2005 -2004 -2003 -2002

Of course, this must go beyond media reticence. There has to be a  
psychological aspect. Absolutely no one wants to confront the idea  
that British intelligence, at the very end of WWII, well before the  
Cold War is reputed to have started, engaged in torture as degraded  
as that of the enemy--both Germany and Japan--with photos that  
resemble those of the concentration campus that were being liberated.

It is not possible to allow it, and in the political sphere as in the  
individual, such concepts must be repressed.

Brian Shannon

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