[Marxism] "Economic growth", etc.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 9 22:23:52 MDT 2006

>Dear Louis: the phrase "economic development"
>not originate with me. I took it from YOU:
>What's the distinction being made between
>"growth" and "development? It's unclear...
>Walter Lippmann

I know what I mean by economic development, but I am sure that we have 
different understandings of the term. What I mean by this is steady 
improvement in the way that people live, which is not synonymous with 
economic growth--which is really the concept that you are enamored with at 
least to judge by your encomiums to the Chinese and Brazilian governments. 
For example, there has been steady improvement in the lives of the people 
of Kerala under a Communist government, but if your criteria is GDP growth, 
you have to look elsewhere in India. Even more crucially, socialists are 
always focused on economic equality. By any criteria, South Africa, China 
and Brazil have become some of  the most unequal societies on earth under 
governments that you extol. 

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